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Silver Rocket is the name of a band led by Mariusz Szypura - songwriter, multinstrumentalist and music producer, previously the leader of Poznan-based Happy Pills. In 2001 Happy Pills suspended their activity and Szypura went on to contribute to Blimp, at the same time working on his solo project - Silver Rocket. He recorded and produced the "Electronics for Dogs" LP (2002) and "Astronauts Diary" EP (2003) himself. Both records met with enthusiastic reviews, treating listeners to a blend of acoustic sounds, subtly infused with entrancing electronics.


Silver Rocket's impact on the Polish music scene was so significant that when work began on the next album titled "Unhappy Songs", various artists exploring both the indie, as well as intelligent pop genre became involved in the project. These collaborations included Artur Rojek, Kasia Nosowska, Ania Dabrowska, Novika, Wojtek Kuderski, Maciek Cieslak, Marsija, Tomek Zietek, Tomek Makowiecki, Karolina Kozak, Bogdan Kondracki, Old Time Radio, Masha Qrella. The album was released in January 2006 by the Jazzboy label, belonging to the cult producer duo Pawel Józwicki and Bogdan Kondracki. Once again Silver Rocket received widespread acclaim from critics and music fans alike. The album's main strength are distinctive beautiful romantic melodies, reminiscent of such old masters as Ennio Morricone or Serge Gainsbourg, at the same time cleverly spiced up with contemporary sounds. Moreover, the songs carry a slight touch of "Slavic melancholy". A creative blend of such diverse and original talents gave rise to a unique video for "Nothing Is Forever", directed by Miguel Nieto and featuring appearances by most of the artists working on the album.


Silver Rocket has gained recognition not only on the domestic music scene, but also in the eyes of foreign artists, including such acclaimed bands as Mogwai, The Sea and Cake, Mum, Arab Strap and Masha Qrella, who continue to invite Silver Rocket to play gigs with them.


The album, named "Tesla" was launched in 2008 and is a concept album inspired by the life of Nikola Tesla, an underrated genius and inventor. The songs combine retro pop with contemporary sounds and psychedelic arrangements, creating one of the most original records of the past few years. Mariusz Szypura has once again proved to be the master of beautiful "cinematic" melodies laden with refined harmonies. The end result is an unique and original album, modern, yet timeless, transporting the listeners into the world of sounds describing the life of a genius inventor. „Tesla” album is not only musically beautiful, but also visually stunning, with the cover design evoking classic turn of the twentieth century art typical for the period in which Nikola Tesla lived and produced his greatest inventions.

Within the album "Infinity Fidelity," created in 2023, Mariusz Szypura has crafted his unique, parallel universe in which humans and machines coexist, aligning with the ongoing discourse on artificial intelligence in the contemporary world. This album consists of two discs that can be played simultaneously to enhance the interaction between humans and machines. It offers an extraordinary experience where the present, future, and past intertwine, connecting the world of humanity with the universe of robots and artificial intelligence. In both the compact and vinyl versions, the two discs can also be listened to separately, creating contrasting reflections of both worlds.

The first disc is Silver Rocket's instrumental music, filled with emotions and energy, often reminiscent of a film soundtrack. The second part of the album is a digital, dehumanized reflection of the first disc, full of ambient textures, drones, and the coolness of machine-created artificial intelligence. "Infinity Fidelity" serves as a culmination of two decades of Silver Rocket's unconventional creative path and offers an intriguing soundtrack for the future.The dualistic vision of "Infinity Fidelity" is complemented by the original graphic design concept and labeling in the release. These elements create an illusion of movement, the coexistence of two very different realities that gradually intersect. The track titles on the album predict our future in an apocalyptic manner. In terms of musical style, "Infinity Fidelity" is hard to categorize definitively. The album combines beautiful, catchy melodies with intricate harmonies, drawing from various inspirations, including Morricone and Stravinsky, electronic classics like Kraftwerk (in the cover of "The Robots"), and experimental deconstruction that oscillates between My Bloody Valentine and Philip Glass. All compositions, arrangements, production, and instrument recordings are the work of Mariusz Szypura.

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